DIY Project: Wall Art

This is my first official DIY project and I love it! I intended to copy some canvas word art I had seen on another blog, but it ended up being something completely different. Hope you enjoy!

Materials needed:

1.) Old art books. I grabbed a couple that had been stashed under my bed for years, not getting any use. I really love ocean inspired everything so I chose a book with really beautiful water scenes.

2.) A stretched canvas. I used an old one that I painted on in elementary school or something.

3.) Spray Adhesive

Step One: Choose some pictures that you like and cut them out. Try to choose pictures with similar color scheme or shades.

Step Two: Arrange the pictures the way you like. Make sure all the edges line up with the canvas (you might want to keep the size in mind when choosing your pictures).

Step Three: Move to a well ventilated area to apply the adhesive (Outside! Get some beautiful fresh air and sun!). Take a picture of your canvas with everything arranged the way you want it just in case you forget.

Step Four: Spray a medium coat of adhesive on the canvas and a light coat on the picture and apply. Start applying from the very back if you have overlapping  pictures ( I know, I know. That’s obvious… but I forgot haha so keep it in mind)

Step Five: Let dry and then…voilà! You’re finished! Go beautify your space!


4 thoughts on “DIY Project: Wall Art

  1. Great job, Raeann! I love when there are pictures taken of the steps, that is what I always forget to do. I dive in and halfway through I realize I haven’t taken pictures and also that I am wearing nice clothes that I shouldn’t be doing a project in….

  2. Cool project I’ll have to try something like this! Thanks for posting step by step…I will also have to remember to do this! Thank you so much for visiting my page…today is my first day blogging…so it means the world you stopped by!

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