Feelin’ Autumnal

My friends and I have begun to weekly set aside a time to seek God’s will for us in our city. We usually go to a park in the neglected part of our town and worship, pray, hang out with whoever is there, or just play haha. Yesterday, we decided to take a prayer walk through the neighborhoods and happened upon this beautiful spot. It just astounds me how you can find beauty anywhere.


Being Cozy

So weather here has been everywhere from 50 to 90. Once it started getting chilly my mind automatically switched to everything cozy. First thing on my Fall agenda is to find the perfect fall blanket. This is the one I want! But it’s oh so pricey… So I’m still on the lookout. What are some things that make you feel especially autumny? Also, let me know if anyone has found a cheaper version of my dream blanket!