Being Cozy

So weather here has been everywhere from 50 to 90. Once it started getting chilly my mind automatically switched to everything cozy. First thing on my Fall agenda is to find the perfect fall blanket. This is the one I want! But it’s oh so pricey… So I’m still on the lookout. What are some things that make you feel especially autumny? Also, let me know if anyone has found a cheaper version of my dream blanket!



A Starting Point : The Couch

Every design plan has to have its start. There needs to be a catalyst to push you towards a concept for the rest of the room. For me, that catalyst was a $20 couch from The Cookie Jar Resale ShopIf you’re wanting to decorate for a new room or home, my advice would be to start off with a signature piece. Look for something that you love. It could be something you already have. A dining room table your mom was getting rid of, an old family photo, a vase you got as a wedding gift, ANYTHING. Just as long as it speaks to you. Next, you just have to figure out why it speaks to you. Is it the shape, the color, its age, its story? These questions will help you see what to do with the rest of the room. For example, I love this couch because of its 1960’s retro feel. I also love it because of its feminine color. The wood that outlines this couch is definitely my favorite part. Now that I know what I like about my piece, I can see my direction for the rest of the room. I’ll choose retro looking furniture, preferably from the 60’s. I’m going to stick to feminine colors (I think I’m going to go with a berry similar to the couch color and a tealish blue). Lastly, I want to have accents of wood throughout the room. There are definitely other ways to start designing a room, but starting with a signature piece has certainly made the job alot easier for me. 🙂

Moving In

So it’s been a ridiculously long time since I’ve written here, which is… dumb. It’s summer! I should have all the time in the world to come up with new things right? Well frankly, I’ve been stumped and writer’s block has been hitting hard. That being said, I’m going to try to get back into the swing of things. In a month or so I’m moving into my first place (a super cute apartment). I’m really excited to use this space to express what I love and who I am and to share it with my friends. So here are some of the first brainstorming sessions.

So far I know I want…

1) to stick to a retro 1960’s, eclectic feel (mixed with some whimsy of course)

2) a chalkboard paint backslash in my kitchen

3) those awesome mirrors in the top right photo!

Decorating suggestion and ideas from those more experienced home beautifiers would rock so please let me know what you think!

DIY Project: A Gift for Veejay :D

My favorite blog, hands down, is A Beautiful Mess. Elsie’s fashion and DIY genius are super inspirational and I’m always itching to make something every time I visit her blog. My fabulous friend Veejay’s birthday was coming up so I decided to make her this cute fox pillow that I saw on A Beautiful Mess. Here’s how it turned out! 🙂

1) First I sewed on the snout, heart, and buttons.

2) Then I began to sew both sides of the pillow together. Make sure that you sew it with the outside facing in. Leave an opening at the bottom to pull it back right side out and to put in the stuffing.

3.) After I finished, I pulled the pillow right side out and began to stuff it.

4.) Finally, I sewed up the hole with needle and thread.


Yay!!!! She loved it!

Veejay rocks my socks off and is an ammmmaaazzinnngg friend!!!!! Love you Veej!!!!!!!!!!!

DIY Project: Wall Art

This is my first official DIY project and I love it! I intended to copy some canvas word art I had seen on another blog, but it ended up being something completely different. Hope you enjoy!

Materials needed:

1.) Old art books. I grabbed a couple that had been stashed under my bed for years, not getting any use. I really love ocean inspired everything so I chose a book with really beautiful water scenes.

2.) A stretched canvas. I used an old one that I painted on in elementary school or something.

3.) Spray Adhesive

Step One: Choose some pictures that you like and cut them out. Try to choose pictures with similar color scheme or shades.

Step Two: Arrange the pictures the way you like. Make sure all the edges line up with the canvas (you might want to keep the size in mind when choosing your pictures).

Step Three: Move to a well ventilated area to apply the adhesive (Outside! Get some beautiful fresh air and sun!). Take a picture of your canvas with everything arranged the way you want it just in case you forget.

Step Four: Spray a medium coat of adhesive on the canvas and a light coat on the picture and apply. Start applying from the very back if you have overlapping  pictures ( I know, I know. That’s obvious… but I forgot haha so keep it in mind)

Step Five: Let dry and then…voilà! You’re finished! Go beautify your space!