Inspired: Taylor Swift

I never thought Taylor Swift would ever be in the title of one of my blog posts. I guess I’ve been rather snooty about her and never really gave her a chance. My friends (bro-sis) Matty and Vanessa invited me over to watch her Speak Now World Tour thing  and I decided to have an open mind about it. I’ve been trying to keep my eyes open for some new inspiration for this new string of blog posts titled Inspired. So Taylor Swift is serious business people. I love to write (and attempt to play) music but lately i’ve been having a writers/learning block. Watching her tour really got me excited again about focusing on my music and working harder at learning to play my instruments (Banjelina-a banjo, Franklin-a uke, and an acoustic and electric guitar that have yet to be named). I really need to maintain this motivation because writing music doesn’t always go the way you want it to. It just gets pretty discouraging sometimes, but there’s always going to be a break through. You just have to work through it. Something else that inspired me in this same light was this video my friend J.V. sent me. 

Hope you blog readers out there won’t get discouraged in whatever you’re trying to do. The greatest thing is having friends to push you to keep trying. I’m definitely blessed with a ton of inspirational and encouraging friends!


DIY Project: A Gift for Veejay :D

My favorite blog, hands down, is A Beautiful Mess. Elsie’s fashion and DIY genius are super inspirational and I’m always itching to make something every time I visit her blog. My fabulous friend Veejay’s birthday was coming up so I decided to make her this cute fox pillow that I saw on A Beautiful Mess. Here’s how it turned out! 🙂

1) First I sewed on the snout, heart, and buttons.

2) Then I began to sew both sides of the pillow together. Make sure that you sew it with the outside facing in. Leave an opening at the bottom to pull it back right side out and to put in the stuffing.

3.) After I finished, I pulled the pillow right side out and began to stuff it.

4.) Finally, I sewed up the hole with needle and thread.


Yay!!!! She loved it!

Veejay rocks my socks off and is an ammmmaaazzinnngg friend!!!!! Love you Veej!!!!!!!!!!!